Bloody But Deadly. Tales of Lukas Thompson, a boy aged 19 who talks about his prison time for the murders he did, when he was just 13 years old.

This story is a work of fiction and does not resemble any real life occurances.

" There was a time in life, when things were so peaceful. No loud screaming, no terror. A peaceful world for a young child like me. Things changed...pretty quickly. Back in 2012 when i was just 10 years old, i visited my father who lived in a neighbour district. My father was a piece of shit and my mother knew that he was, but he wasn't horrible all the time. He was an alcoholic and had a pretty short temper really.

i would often visit him on saturday and sunday really. He didn't do much except for laying on the couch all day, drinking beer and wasting money. Lazy fucker... Nonetheless, he was still my dad and hasn't been like this forever. He was once a man with a steady job. That job broke apart when my mother has been divorced with him and.. that set him off. The cops came, 2 broken wine bottles, a loud altercation and a tazer ended the night.

My father ended up spending around 2 months in jail for assault and got probation and community service. In school, times for me weren't all that great either. Bullies trying to cut my neck, teachers being rude towards me because of my ADHD and gloomy weather, dominating our area. It wasn't all that great.. Alteast i had some friends though who i went out with at night and on the weekends when my father couldn't make it cause of his alcohol addiction. "

I could ramble about all this and that but that wouldn't be too interesting now would it? I should skip past the night of October 25th 2014... The night when everything changed for the life a little boy like me. It was around 11PM on a saturday night. I was at my fathers house, upstairs in the bedroom that was decorated for me. I watched Markiplier videos and didn't think about anything bad happening. Little did i know, that my father would lose it at that night. He got a call from someone which till this day isn't known who he was. I paused my video cause i heard my father screaming and banging on the door downstairs. Before i wanted to go downstairs he said something about " IF YOU WANT TO TAKE HIM, YOU CAN'T. I WON'T LET YOU DO THAT. "

Suddenly i heard stomping footsteps coming up the stairs. I peeked through the gap of the door and saw my father with a broken beer bottle that had sharp edges. My father kicked the door to my room open, causing me to crash onto my back. He looked down at me with a tipsy stance. He was really drunk and aggressive. My father didn't even say anything, he just came towards me as i was crawling back. With tears in my eyes i asked him constantly what was wrong. No reply. He would then move down before ramming the bottle in my right arm, causing me to scream in pain

Once the bottle got pulled out, i punched my father in the face and somehow wiggled my way out of there, before trying to run away. He got my shirt with his beer bottle, ripping it slightly and the sharp edges scraped the right side of my body, causing it to bleed. I would quickly run downstairs, breathing heavily and shaking heavily aswell. Without knowing what to do, i wanted to run out the house but i couldn't. Then my heart stopped for a second when i heard my father coming downstairs. I quickly ran towards the kitchen before pulling a chair close. After crawling up on it i would then grab a kitchen knife from the holster just to feel my dad kicking the chair away, causing me to fall on my back and the kitchen knife dropped next to me. I got close, grabbing the knife but my father ended up grabbing my wrist.

Another stab from the sharp beer bottle would hit me, this time in my left side of my chest. I think one part even got close to my throat. With a shaking body i would slide the knife over to my other hand before using the hand to ram the kitchen knife into my father his neck, causing him this time to scream in pain. He would roll onto his back next to my, which made me use my chance. I would quickly get on top of him with adrenaline pumping through my body now, making me ignore the stab wounds that i just had to deal with. I rammed the kitchen knife into his left eye and his throat and then all over his body.

I didnt really count the stab wounds, but it ended up killing my father. After a while, i watched my father laying there all bloodied and not moving. My white shirt was covered in blood and my pyjama pants aswell. Once standing up i just looked at him, before passing out. Luckily, he was dead. If my father woke up before me then that would have been my end. The next thing i remember is faint sirens in the background, then a dark figure... and then a bed. A hospital bed. I managed to survive the murder attempt from my father, but the doctors said that i lost alot of blood. I was in a coma for a week cause my lungs filled up with blood and the beer bottle managed to scrape a vein in my side. My mother visited me daily, aswell as 4-5 of my friends.

Despite me being very lucky to survive all of this, that night haunted me. A child shouldn't be exposed to such traumatic events, let's be clear on that. The police questioned me what happened on that night and i told them everything that i remember. I spent around 4 months in the hospital before leaving it with bandages all over my chest, my side and my throat. 2 more months later, my wounds ended up healing pretty nicely and i regained strength. Enough strength to continue going to school and learning again. I guess it was also a cool thing cause the kids at school respected me. Not sure why... i survived an attack, but that's not something that makes you deserve respect. Rather a heroic deed... Anyways

Things seemed to be somewhat normal again, i wrote a couple of exams, met with friends outside and showed off my bandages and my scars after i got them taken from me and life seemed to get back on track. But... I didn't really change completely for the better. Something on that night, messed with my brain. I mean, sure it was traumatic, no doubt about that.. but there was something special, something that stopped time when i looked at my alcoholic piece of shit dad lying there in a puddle of his own blood... Im not sure what it was, but that image followed me till this day. Standing there, bloodied with a knife in my hands, heavily breathing while watching my father dying was... Sort of fun..

I remember having multiple bullies in school... Micha.... Justin... And others. Many from my old class were people that i just wanted to ruin. Mentally, physically.... doesn't matter. I just wanted them gone. In chemistry i was interested in acids that the teacher presented to us... I was curious what kinds of acids are the strongest... what kinds of acids instantly burn your skin and kill off everything that it touches within 5 seconds.. I took part in a workshop in our school that worked with wood. We made boxes out of wood to take home and there it was the same thing... Holding that saw in my hand.... I just stared at that saw... I should probably mention it was a hack-saw. Not an actual one with like a motor inside of it.

I thought that this was only a phase, but i didn't seem to lose the thoughts of murder. The thoughts of taking someones life. It was burned into my brain... It's not something really that traumatizes me or gives me nightmares, but ever since i killed my father in self defense, i knew that if my bullies try to kill me, then i will kill them first. In the middle of May 2015, i looked at different videos on youtube about dark web videos. Top 10 videos of disturbing sites that you should never visit. Of course the curiosity of a 13 year old boy is endless. There was a site listed on the dark web about how to build different kinds of bombs. Pipe bombs... Nail Bombs... and more. I visited the site after taking the recommended security precautions and visited the website. I was amazed by how easy it is to build such bombs... Especially the nail ones.... One bomb tutorial showed how you can make a fun experiment at home with spray cans and firecrackers. I had large firecrackers left from 2 years ago that my family never used. My dad bought them, my mother was against them so we ended up leaving them in a cabinet for when i am old enough to make them explode.

Long story short, i knew what to do. I had enemies that i wanted to pay back. At first the thought of murder didnt instantly jump into my brain. I just wanted to give them a little scare and didnt think that what i was about to do, would be inheretly horrible. My enemies house is around one and a half kilometers away. I grabbed the firecrackers that i had from my mothers place. At night time i went through the basement to get them and carry them over to my room while my mother was asleep. The next morning i was grabbing 4 graffiti spray cans from our workshop that my father built, but never touched. One large firecracker would be put in the middle, and 4 spray cans would surround it. And duct tape, held it all togheter. I would then the next night, sneak out of the house, running up a hill, through a neighbourhood and a large grass field before arriving at the district where my enemy had their house.

After arriving at his house at around 2am... maybe 2:30am, i got close to a car that stood in the driveway, before lighting the firecracker. I ran away and didnt expect that big of an explosion, but after looking back i heard an extremely loud bang and a giant fireball which caused most of the cars in the neighbourhood to ring the alarm siren (The siren that you hear when someone tries to break into your car). The fire ended up blasting windows aswell and both cars that i blew up were unusable. The house was catching fire aswell and i just ran away back to my mothers house, where i quietly sneaked in before heading up to my room.

the next morning i walked downstairs, to the kitchen where my mother prepared breakfast. The TV from the other room reported about an incident that happened close to my district. I instantly knew what it was. But what came next shocked me. The explosion caused shards of glass to cut my enemy from top to bottom. He survived the incident, yet his mother didnt survive it. The explosion caused the house to catch on fire and the mother from my enemy ended up breathing in too much smoke, before collapsing. The fire department found her dead body in the bedroom while my enemy was put into the hospital. The report mentioned that no signs of who did it were noticable and that the police are inspecting it further. I didnt flinch. I didnt flinch at all. Sure my mother heard about it and she was shocked but i just kept on eating. I didnt bother to pay it lots of attention since i was in general somewhat of a clever person. Why would i plan something like this without thinking about getting caught? I wore gloves, i made sure not to visit stores that have CCTV cameras and i built everything from home equipment, while leaving enough graffiti spray cans and firecrackers to the point where it wouldn't be noticable

I think that incident in itself was a confirmation that i didn't feel all that bad about my enemies suffering. I didn't want to end it there. That was a start for me. My enemy wouldn't stay alive much longer anyways with my plans that i had. While i was upstairs in my room an hour after breakfast i was on my computer, looking at gameplay videos. The thoughts of that news broadcast made me pause the video before i thought about everything that happened nearly half a year ago. Was my innocence really lost??? Did everything that my father did to me, cause me to become dull when it came to human emotions??? There were a handful of moments in school for example where classmates of mine were sad about a pet or someone passing away. The people around me were understandably concerned and some were sad aswell, but me? I sat there with a neutral expression on my face. If anything i would play a role and act like im sad or concerned in order to make someone feel better, while at the same time being a little confused as to why they are so sad in the first place. People come, people go. It's natural.

Around a week later, i heard from my mother that my enemy would leave the hospital he was staying in. That bitch. Micha... He left the hospital? I thought to myself that i would have to work out a plan to end this and with that, end his family relationsship. He did live with a mother after all only. That incident probably devastated him and he would probably feel incredibly depressed. Good. The house they lived in of course now was uninhabitable. The outside was burnt to a crisp, the cars were a mess, the inside of the house was gone and broken. I asked questions upon questions and noticed that he now lived in a group home. Looking up the group homes on google gave me various results on where he could be staying. TO BE CONTINUED